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Now providing future Personal Trainers the same competitive edge with Certificate III and IV in Fitness

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness Delivered with Orphic Education; partnered with IFA Training (RTO 32433)

We are an Authority on Coach Education

In our extensive experience working with the Parramatta Eels, GWS Giants, Western Sydney Wanderers & NSW Waratahs in professional sport, we’ve always had the vision of bringing back what we’ve learned to emerging, semi-pro and elite athletes who want to perform at their best. With this vision, Athletes Authority was born in 2016. Since then, we’ve been leading the way in private-sector Athlete Development to the point where we are now considered the leaders in Australia outside of the Institutes of Sport.

Taking what we’ve learned from years in professional sport, we help our athletes build a rock-solid athletic foundation to optimise their sports performance.

Our philosophy focuses on building great movers, preventing and rehabilitating injury, developing strength and explosive power and ramping up fitness to be game-ready. Our athletes are closely supervised by masters-qualified strength coaches with extensive experience working in professional sport.

Choose to do your Certificate III/IV in Fitness with us – you’ll be joining a community where you can feel at home.


This Course is DIFFERENT

We have distinguished the most beneficial elements involved in Fitness Education and built a model that holds these elements at its core. These elements are:

• The practical implementation of key Anatomy & Physiology content
• Having an experienced, engaging Trainer, who operates more like a Mentor
• The development of a diverse practical skill-set through real-world learning

The 13-session Practical Workshop curriculum focuses on the most relevant theoretical concepts, and how to implement them in the gym. These concepts are at the heart of the profession of Personal Training, such as:

• Anatomy & Physiology
• The “New Client Process”
• Program Design
• Sport Science Principles
• Screening and Monitoring
• And much, much more

We also have 13x Lifting Sessions focusing on practice of the content, under the instruction of our professional Coaches. Not only this, but you’ll also complete Shadowing, Practical Assessments and your own training at the Athletes Authority facility.

Name a Course in AUSTRALIA that sets you up as a Personal Trainer better than this?

We’ll wait.

Curriculum at a Glance

Our first workshop is built around getting to know the facility, the Coaches and yourselves – but not in a way that you may expect. It’s all about context, both for yourself completing this course, and the Personal Training industry as a whole.
Anatomy & Physiology – the cornerstone to any Personal Trainers knowledge. Everything they do – everything that you’ll do – on the gym floor with a client has a foundation in A&P. Throughout the course, we place emphasis on Anatomy & Physiology during every single week.
There is a big gap between a future client messaging you asking to train, and actually training them. What happens in between? In this practical we discuss the consultation, testing and give an introduction into program design.
The main lower body compound lifts are the Deadlift, and the Squat. This practical is focused around understanding the theory, bio-mechanics and instruction of these lifts in-depth. After all, if you can instruct a client through these 2 exercises well – you can instruct them through the MAJORITY of other lower-body exercises – no problem.
The upper body compound lifts – the Bench, Row, OH Press and Chin Up. The main 4 upper-body movements. Again, if you can instruct these movements well, and understanding the anatomy behind them – you’ll be a gun at a majority of other lifts.
Where science meets art. Designing a program is a cornerstone to a Personal Trainers skill set. They should always have a number of different tools they can utilise to ensure the best possible rest for their clients, as individual clients. None of this cookie-cutter program design – we’ll teach you how to design programs for individuals.
Whilst we focus on the main LB & UB movements in earlier Practical Workshops, in the Supplementary Exercises session we focus on gain experience on the gym floor coaching, cuing and completing many other exercises to develop your practical skill set.
Training a clients cardiovascular system specifically will be a big part of your career as a Personal Trainer. In this Practical Workshop we’ll teach the foundations of cardiovascular development for beginners and advanced individuals and start instructing group sessions.
Move over 3 sets of 10 reps for every exercise. 9 times out of 10 there are more beneficial variables to prescribe. We’ll teach you how to alter sets, reps, rest, intensity and tempo to elicit differing training responses.
The scientific principles that underpin any (good) program. Adhere to these simple principles and your clients will see results. Period.
What you’ll realise as a Personal Trainer, is that MOST people move poorly. They struggle with posture, body awareness and positioning – which can be risky when moving weights. Its’ important to be able to screen individuals, and monitor their progress throughout your training.
A Personal Trainer is very often a business owner – and owning a business comes with a whole new set of unique challenges, goals and skill sets. In this Practical Workshop we’ll introduce you to the various elements inside of owning your own business and how you need to go about setting them up.
In this Practical, we’ll wrap things up, review main elements and answer any final questions. Orphic Education is committed to assisting its students in landing jobs after successful completion of the Course. Some of our courses have pathways to working inside the same gym you did your studies with – others’ don’t. But in all instances, we will assist you in landing some quality interviews. On this day, we begin this process for students.

Why choose Athletes Authority?


“Orphic have given me confidence that goes through the roof, they break down all questions to make the application process as a coach as easy as possible. This is one model of learning that will not leave you behind and assure you become one of the best trainers in the industry.”

– Zoe

“Over delivery every single week. I’ve made leaps and bounds and have clarity on my vision. Both Karl and Lachlan are inspiring in their lives and presentations. Thank you guys for making this happen. Pumped to see what the next few months and year bring.

– Michael

“Previously I had been trying to learn a dozen things at once and not getting anywhere. The information presented by Karl and Lachlan has had a fantastic flow and they have guided us into a genuine understanding of each concept explored.”

– Rowan

“I have loved the energy and knowledge that Karl and Lachy have brought to presenting their respective expertise… I am itching to be able to roll it out and get my business up and running!”

– Carl

“I have the aspirations of establishing a brand and hopefully one day opening a performance facility – with the support from Karl and Lachlan I’ve been able to really clear on what I want and why I want it. Great to be surrounded by like-minded and driven individuals.”

– Karl T



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Certificate III/IV in Fitness is: SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
Delivered with Orphic Education; partnered with IFA Training (RTO 32433)
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