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Orphic Education An alternate option for your Personal Trainer education

We are an engaging, practical and highly relevant option for Certificate III/IV in Fitness education and mentor-ship.

SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness Delivered with Orphic Education; partnered with IFA Training (RTO 32433)

Look no further for Personal Trainer Education

“I have partnered with Orphic Education as I want to see higher quality trainers coming into the industry. I am more than happy to refer students to get certified through Orphic, as I see the course as being very thorough and with the most up to date, science based research out there”

– Aaron Curtis

Orphic Educations’ Vision

Create a positive shift in Australian Fitness Education. A shift that
focuses on more diligent, engaging and practical education with
the goal of improving the quality of new Personal Trainers across

Our goal is to foster change, incite motivation and improve education standards.

What makes Orphic different?

Orphic Education have distinguished the most beneficial elements involved in Fitness Education and built a model that holds these elements at its core. These elements are:

• The practical implementation of key theoretical concepts
• Having an engaging Trainer, who operates more like a mentor
• The development of a diverse practical skill-set through real-world learning

Orphic’s 13-session Practical Workshop curriculum focuses on the most relevant theoretical concepts, and how to implement them in the gym. These concepts are at the heart of the profession of Personal Training, such as:

• Anatomy & Physiology
• The “New Client Process”
• Program Design
• Sport Science Principles
• Screening and Monitoring
• And much, much more

All of the Orphic Trainers also have extensive experience in the Fitness Industry. This experience involves, but is not limited to operating their own facilities, working in AFL clubs and interning in world-renowned overseas facilities. Orphic Trainers focus on building every student into a professional. They focus on establishing a vast knowledge base with every student, but also developing their confidence, practical skill-set and aspirations with the Fitness Industry.

Orphic hold close partnerships with numerous industry-leading facilities across Victoria and South Australia. These facilities show each and every student their facility, their training methods and their hospitality, with every student completing an in-house Placement. Students have access to 50+ hours of professional Personal Training sessions every week that they can shadow, and eventually assist in.

Curriculum at a Glance

Be the Best.

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Certificate III/IV in Fitness is: SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness and SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness
Delivered with Orphic Education; partnered with IFA Training (RTO 32433)
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