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You can fail at what you don't want So why not take a chance on doing what you love

Our Vision

Give the responsibility of teaching you, the future Personal Trainers of Australia, to those who have earned it. 

Because you deserve better than what has been offered in the past. 

Because you deserve a course that not only educates you, but inspires you to keep learning long after your course has finished.

Because you deserve to learn in the best Fitness facilities in the country, taught by the best coaches in Australia, under a provider who has raised the bar in Fitness Education


















Our Partners

Orphic Education have partnered with facilities who embody a passion for the industry and your development as a Personal Trainer and as a person. 

These facilities are invested in your education. They are proud to teach you their methods and will inspire you to leave their course career ready and a lifelong learner.

As an Orphic Student, you will have the luxury of learning from, shadowing and training with the best Coaches in Australia.

Zero Food
Fitness Life
Athlete's Authority
Fitness First
pulse 8
Plus Fitness

Course Information

Orphic Education has built our Online Learning system from the ground up in consultation with some of the best Strength Coaches in the world. Delivering a unique and industry driven theoretical experience.

Orphic’s 39 week practical curriculum ensures that you are competent in coaching major movements, programming and trouble shooting for different clients.

Orphic Education offers the Nationally Recognised “SIS30315 Certificate III in Fitness” and “SIS40215 Certificate IV in Fitness”. Students of the Certificate III and IV in Fitness must successfully complete all course requirements (Theory and Practical) to earn their Fitness qualifications.

Students enrolling into the Orphic Education program to supplement their Certificate III and IV in Fitness studies will be enrolled with IFA Training. All Nationally Recognised Qualifications are issued by IFA Training.

Our Instructors

All of our Trainers also have extensive experience in the Fitness Industry. This experience involves, but is not limited to operating their own facilities, working in AFL clubs and interning in world-renowned overseas facilities. Our Trainers focus on building every student into a professional. They focus on establishing a vast knowledge base with every student, but also developing their confidence, practical skill-set and aspirations with the Fitness Industry.

We hold close partnerships with numerous industry-leading facilities across Victoria (soon to be Australia-wide). These facilities show each and every student their facility, their training methods and their hospitality, with every student completing an in-house Placement. Students have access to 50+ hours of professional Personal Training sessions every week that they can shadow, and eventually assist in.

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