Orphic started with a clear goal... To raise the standard of Personal Trainers in Australia.

We have, and will continue, to do this by – creating relevant, contextualised face to face classes for the Certificate III/IV in Fitness,
invest in each and every student unequivocally and partner with some of the best facilities in Australia.
These partners arn’t just names on a webpage, but they are filled with passionate, experienced and approachable Coaches that share our goal, and are actively pursuing it!

Orphic students gain access to these great minds throughout their Course, now it’s your chance to delve deep into the
minds of the people that have reached the pinnacle of their respective fields.

We’ll speak with Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Personal Trainers, Bodybuilders, Business Owners,
Allied Health Professionals and more – to cover all fields, and connect an industry.


Past Guests



Brett B










Jacob Tober





Steph Lowe



































Our Host Alexander Emmanuel

Upcoming Schedule

All conversations take place on Wednesdays at 10AM in a live environment.

5th of August – Coaches Round Table #4

Karl Goodman, Christian Woodford, Amir Fazeli, Sean Baker and Ryan Evenden

For bookings and enquiries, email: [email protected]

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Don't Miss a Beat Enter your details to receive reminders on our webinars

Orphic have partnered with IFA (RTO ID 32433) and some of the best facilities in Australia to deliver the Certificate III/IV in Fitness. If you’re interested, shoot us an enquiry here!

Thanks to COVID-19 we arn’t running any face to face classes at the moment, but we are accepting enquiries to get ahead of the online theory components with support – before heading into our facilities for practicals, shadowing and face to face classes when restrictions are lifted. Contact us for more information. 

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Orphic Education (RTO ID 44444) provide trusted and comprehensive Personal Trainer education through the Certificate III/IV in Fitness and various PT-upskilling courses

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